Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Shabbos Safe Hotplate is Now Available to Order by Clicking on the Image Below!

To watch the Original Shabbos Safe Hotplate Video Click on The TechYidCo logo Below!

 Click On TechYidCo logo to see Original Kickstarter Video


  1. We have been using our Shabbos Safe Hot Plate, and love it! :-)

    We have now launched a Kickstarter project of our own, and would greatly appreciate it if you could help us promote it?
    Thank you & Kol Tuv

  2. I clicked the link ot order your Shabbos Safe Hot Plate, but it says out of stock. Do you know when more will become available? Is there a way to be informed when they become available?

  3. Is there a version for Europe or UK available , and if so, where ? I live in NL.

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  5. My Tech Yid hotplate stopped working and circuit breaker switch cannot be reset. This happened out of the blue. Our blech has been used normally even light use. Please let me know what you can do for me. Thank you.