Monday, August 10, 2015

The Kickstarter was a Huge Success!!!

We Reached Our Goal and We are Fully Funded! The Process of Certification, Testing and Manufacture has Begun. We at TechYidCo. will keep all our Kickstarter backers updated and you can look forward to your very own Shabbos Safe Hotplate arriving at your front door!

The Kickstarter is closed to new investors!
But due to the 
We expect the TechYidCo. Shabbos Safe Hotplate to be available in Stores in February or March! 

Also an Israeli and European 220 Volt unit is in design as I type this!

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New Shabbos Safe Hotplate Quality Designed for 

Safe Long Term Continuous Use for Years 


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Fire Safety 24 to 72 Hour, Every Week Food Warming Plate 




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Hotplate features

Safer, Less Risk of Breakage, Shock, or Fire

Low Amperage, Low Wattage, Conserves Energy

Lower Energy Consumption Safer Long Term Use

Safe to Operate for 24 to 72 hrs. Every Week

Only 2 Amps 250 Watts Causes Less Draw on Household Wiring, Less Fire Risk

Thermal Cutoff Installed in Main Power Input

Tubular Stainless Steel Heating Element Safer Than Live Wire Coil

Uses the Same Heating Element as Your Electric Oven and Stovetop

No Glass and No Dangerous Ceramic Insulators Around Heating Element

Long Life, Designed to be Left on for Days at a Time, for Years of Continued Use

Stainless Steel Element Environmentally Safe, Does not Damage the Environment

Low Cost with Long Service Life and High Efficiency

Solid Brushed Stainless Steel Housing with Aluminum Handles

Surface is Kashurable 

Quality Engineering Quality Manufacturing

Drop Tested,  No Glass, No Ceramic, (No Breakable Parts)

Long Legs Raises Heat from Your Counter

Heating Element Attached Directly to Metal Surface Away from Counter

Utility Grade PVC Electric Cord Rated Higher than Needed Amperage

3-pin Polarized Ground Plug

Ground Fault Circuit Breaker 25 Millisecond Response

Quality and Safety Tested

Surface Size: 21 1/4" x 16 1/8" inches 

Hello My name is BenTzion Davis and I am an Electronic Engineering Technician in Borough Park, NY. 

  When I was going to college, I rented a basement apartment below a nice Rabbi and Rebbetzin. One Erev Shabbos afternoon the Rebbetzin asked if I could repair her Shabbos blech that had stopped working. I opened the blech and the inside was horrible. The heating element was just a thin live electric wire coil surrounded by ceramic insulators. The blech had been dropped on the counter like all blechs in time will, and one of the ceramic insulators had broken. This allowed the live wire coil to arc weld itself to the metal housing of the blech. This is an extreme fire and safety hazard. 

I have found by doing research that most all of the best selling Shabbos food warming plates are manufactured this way. Even the ones that advertise as Shabbos and Engineered in Israel. They have no internal components restricting the flow of electric current to the live electric wire coil. The electricity runs straight from your wall outlet into the coil and back again. Causing a large amperage draw from your household outlet. The internal wires begin to break down from the repetitive heating and cooling. They are not designed to be used like Jewish observance requires, 24 and sometimes 72 hours on a weekly basis all year long.  

Recently due to tragedies in the Orthodox Jewish world I was asked by several close friends, what my professional opinion was, as far as a safe blech to purchase. Some are better than others but I could not think of one that I would safely recommend. I sincerely do not recommend and I even discourage the most available best selling unit that you find in most all Jewish homes. 

I went to work right away designing a food warming plate with Orthodox Jewish Observance in mind. We do not use food warming plates like your common consumer, we need an affordable blech designed for repetitive continual long term use. I have I put a little of myself in the design of this unit, and I personally guarantee it's quality and functionality. May it be a Kidush "H" and may it save lives!


Todah Rabbah!

 TechYidCo. Reserves the right to make changes in the unit without notice to the investors, the unit you receive may be different than stated above do to improvements, or modifications in design.  All claims, specifications and materials used in the prototype are subject to change.


  1. This is awesome! I will recommend it to ask my friends and it would be good for caterers too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you responding three times, but please rest assured ETL safety testing in progress and will be fully certified before releasing to the public

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  3. ETL Certification in Progress will be fully tested and certified before released to the public

  4. I do not see a price anywhere. What is the cost of such a blech?

    1. Please go to the following link for purchase information:

    2. Could not find purchasing information anywhere at

      With kind regards.

  5. Is it also tested for safe usage in Israel??

    1. I apologize but there will not be an Israeli model until the first of next year, The Kickstarter is limited to North America only.

  6. What happened to my order? I was one of the KickStarter contributors months ago.

  7. I used it this past Friday night. The food was not hot. Very disappointed.

    1. same here, whats the plan? i have 3, Tnx!

    2. At 250 Watts it will probably keep the food warm to just below hot. I do not believe that this appliance in no more than a food warmer. It will not get the foods hot, but may maintain the temperature on foods placed on the appliance hot. I would not expect that foods placed ont the appliance cold or warm to get hot.

  8. ETL is a testing lab as is UL and CSA. They all follow the same standards for testing requirements. The standards and testing is done to the extreme, meaning that it is test to points well beyond the manufacturers specifications. The Model TYCSS10 is by far the best built and safest hotplate on the market. The safety in use of this product can only be gaurented if used with safe devices [receptacles] and the building wiring installation meets the NEC [National Electric Code].

  9. Can any oven safe dish be kept warm on this appliance?

    Thank you

  10. BS"D
    The TechYidCo hotplate was purchased for R"H. The Ground fault triggered before the 2nd day and shut off the unit. The following Shabbos, the same happened by morning even though it was connected to a different house circuit. The following Shabbos it was connected to a 1500va UPS which registered no line faults, but the ground fault shut off the hotplate by midnight. Finding warranty info is difficult; the TechYidOc website sends you to the Kosher lamp site, and they indicate returns for warranty work has to be sent (my cost) to Toronto (I am in the US), and I must lie and say it is a sample or they will refuse delivery. Why bother catering to the frum community with such a policy? I've emailed to what appears to be their email address ( but I don't know if that is TechYidCo's email address. It is probably a minor problem in the ground fault plug; I will update if there is any response.

    1. Hello this is BenTzion Davis, the owner of TechYidCo and creator of the hotplate. You can email me directly at

  11. Total Class Act! - This Hotplate is the Rolls Royce of Hot Plates.
    It keeps food at a perfect temperature - the design and wiring is SOLID AND SAFE. I had problems with my first edition, and the company has been total Mensches!!! - Buy one, Buy Three!! Tell your friends - Really - This safer alternative will SAVE LIVES.

    1. I agree with Martin Hoffmitz. This hot plate is the best and most sfe if connected building wiring that meets the NEC, National Electric Code. The connections to the receptacle or on the receptacle may be loose and will arc. Or the plug and receptacle connection is loose and will also arc.

      I am working on a fire restoration project now, The kitchen caught fire where the crock pot was plugged in. The kitchen was renovated less than a month before the fire. There were no electrical permits or inspections. The wiring was done by an unlicensed person. B"H no one was injured.

      I suggest that all receptacles be checked for voltage drops which would indicate a problem with the connections.

      Feel free to contact me for more information.

      duvid neuman
      Ohio License # 21234
      Dave's Electrical Service, LTD.
      216-371-1580 fax 216-371-2893 cell 216-701-3388